After more than 3 years of brutally repressing the people of the Southern Cameroons, the Biya regime of East Cameroon has now risen to a threat level far greater than that posed by Boko Haram in the North of the Cameroons.

In 2016, the people of the Southern Cameroons finally rose up to fight against the dictatorial regime of Paul Biya that has imposed upon them a state sponsored culture of corruption enforced by terror for more than half a century.

The peaceful uprising was quickly quashed with state terror and that gave rise to an armed conflict that is today raising alarms of genocide as the people of the Southern Cameroons are now hunted down even under their beds like wild life for sport.

There has not been any serious and genuine calls from East Cameroon’s international partners like France, the UN, the UK, the US and others for the Biya regime to immediately cease the ongoing atrocities on innocent Southern Cameroonians simply because they believe freedom is a human right.

While international diplomats like Tibor Nagy and Herman Cohen have become twitter warriors, tweeting furiously on the atrocities in the Southern Cameroons, none of their tweets has been able to save a single life in the Southern Cameroons.

Instead, the media is flooded daily with images of people being massacred or burnt alive in their homes including pregnant women and children as young as a few days old.

On the other hand, the West, France, the US, Germany, the UK and others have relentlessly provided arms and training to the Biya regime mercenaries for hire. While the intended arms supply is to fight Boko Haram in the North of the Cameroons, these countries are acutely aware that some of their arms and training materials are diverted to repress the people of the Southern Cameroons.

Judging by the savagery of the Biya regime, the wait and see attitude of these Western countries have so far greenlighted the slaughter of innocent Southern Cameroonians.

The Biya Regime vs. Boko Haram

Why fight Boko Haram and not the Biya regime which could be convincingly argued created an enabling environment for Boko Haram to rise?

Boko Haram rose in 2009 in the North of the Cameroons with a supposed goal to fight against Western education, impose islam and eliminate corruption and corrupt leaders with terror.

The Biya’s regime has as its goal to impose its own form of education which is dictatorship and corruption with terror. The Biya regime is no different from Boko Haram.

In fact, the Biya regime has killed far more Southern Cameroonians in just 3 years than Boko Haram has killed people in the North of the Cameroons in over 10 years. The regime has caused the displacement of the people of the Southern Cameroons in multiples of what Boko Haram has done. The regime has razed to ashes hundreds of villages, far more than what Boko Haram has carried out in the Chad Basin that makes up parts of Northern Nigeria, the South of Chad and the North of the Cameroons combined.

After decades of regime officials mortgaging the future of the locals in the North of the Cameroons by instituting a culture of corruption and making away with badly needed local finances, the outcome is what we see today, Boko Haram.

These destitute locals now falsely seek refuge from Boko Haram’s dangerous ideology with promises of a better life and claims that the origin of that legacy of corruption with impunity is Western education.

Who the Biya Regime is Fighting Against in the Southern Cameroons

The underdogs in the Southern Cameroons, peasant farmers, construction workers, carpenters, general laborers have taken up arms to protect themselves against the brutality and thievery of the Biya regime. They are the ones who form the bottom rungs of the Southern Cameroonian society, unable to afford an education, unable to start a decent living. Banished with their descendants to a life of misery.

They are now the underdogs of society, paying for the international loans the country borrowed, but the Biya regime stole away. Loans they have no idea of. Loans the IMF, the World Bank never made sure it got to them. Yet they pay for it. These loans never reached them, but their humble livelihoods got shattered. They only wished for a simple life.

These peasants started out with mere farming tools, stones and sticks, then dane guns and have now progressed to using Ak-47s and improvised explosive devices. These are people whose sole quest is to have a better way of life, stamp out state imposed corruption, get a rewarding education and promote a better system of governance for themselves and their grandchildren.

Faced with a dictatorial regime that has stolen their livelihoods, their wealth and is now bent on eliminating them for standing up to protect themselves and their humble way of life, they have decided to take up arms as a last resort for survival.

What Has the International Community Done?

The international community has tweeted. Yes, tweeted furiously about the plight of the people of the Southern Cameroons. It has tweeted about the importance of dialogue to resolve the civil war.

France supplies the weapons the Biya regime uses to kill babies and pregnant women and has not shown any sign to halt weapons supply.

The greatest Western response so far has come from Canada. Canada has put in all her resources to set up a giant database at the University of Toronto in order to count the number of babies killed. Only Canada can help explain how her “dead baby count” project is effective in bringing an end to the civil war.

The international community and media organizations continue to downplay the number of deaths, which by some credible estimates number over 10000 by saying over 3000, hundreds and in some cases dozens have been killed. That has caused the people of the Southern Cameroons to wonder if the life of a Southern Cameroonian is only one third of a human.

The international community continues to equivocate on the atrocities committed by Biya’s mercenaries and by uneducated peasants whose access to education was stolen by the regime. The savagery the Biya regime has unleashed on the locals has transformed some locals into monsters. Neither by choice nor lack of trying hard, these peasants have been deprived from birth of the right to an education that affords them the ability to distinguish decency.

The Biya regime has interpreted this poor international response so far as an approval for its killing machinery. These underdogs, these nobodies, peasants, construction workers, general laborers, waitresses are people too and they understand even chance is against them. Yet, they fight for freedom, fight for honor, fight for their firm belief that it is better to die free, than to live a slave.

The West can not continue to waste taxpayer’s money to support a savage regime with weapons and training to fight Boko Haram when the regime turns around, uses that support to commit the same atrocities Boko Haram is accused of, against a people whose sole crime is their firm stance for justice and freedom.

There is no rationale for supporting the Biya regime, and if any, it would be to bring an immediate end to the regime. The continued support for the kleptocracy engineered by Paul Biya over decades will only help to give rise to the likes of Boko Haram. That support is as good as creating another war on terror zone.

Southern Cameroonians now say France, Emmanuel Macron and the UN have blood on their hands. France is known for opposing discussions at the UN Security Council on the root causes of the civil war in the Cameroons. The French government has never raised the issue. When France has made headline news, it has been about grabbing lucrative contracts in the Cameroons, fighting over control of sea ports.

With the lackluster international response to bring the conflict to a swift end, Southern Cameroonians now expect to see more lip service from the international community. The locals have taken their destiny into their own hands and say the fight for freedom stops only when freedom comes.