Ever wondered where to spend vacation? Well, there are many places to visit around the world. The world has got a lot to offer. The travel industry has been booming over the years because more and more people are curious to visit and discover new places. From Africa to Asia, Asia to Australia, Australia to Europe, Europe to north and South America, you just can’t lack a place to have fun. As Eleanor Roosevelt puts it “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it, to experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences” Scan the list of best travel destinations around the globe and make the choice yourself. Are you ready?

The Forbidden city, China: The forbidden city lies at the very core of the capital of the world’s second largest economy. The forbidden city otherwise known as the Palace Museum or Go Gong in Chinese once served as the imperial palace for 24 emperors during the Ming and Quing Dynasties. By then it was forbidden to enter the city without permission from the emperors. That is why it is called the forbidden city. The forbidden city is the world’s largest palace complex, covering 74 hectares of land surrounded by a wall that has gates on both sides. This site gained recognition from UNESCO in 1987 during which it was named the World Heritage Site. This impressive building is said to have numerous rare treasures and curiosities that have attracted tourist worldwide and on daily bases. When it comes to the number of tourists attracted annually, it is second only to the Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

Botum Sakor National Park, Cambodia: Cambodia as a country may not be well known around the globe, but this seemingly unpopular country has something unique to offer to the world, and that is the Botum Sakor Park. This park stretches across the south-Eastern corner of Cambodia with a surface area of 183,408. The park is one of the popular places to go on vacation as far as continental Asia is concerned. This park is said to be the largest in Cambodia. It has a rich and diverse eco system, ranging from dense evergreen rainforest to coastal plains and grasslands.

Also, the park is said to contain over 44 mammal species, with 8 under the threat of extinction. The park contains the southwest Elephant corridor, which is said to be home to one of the remaining 7 elephant corridors in Asia, hosting the largest Asian Elephant population. The country’s endangered mammals such as the clouded leopard, Asiatic black beer, sun bear, Malayan tapir and the pileated gibbon find their shelter in this amusing park. All these features outlined above makes the Botum Sakor Park one of the cool places to visit in the world.

Pyeongchang, South Korea: South Korea just by its name speaks volume About tourism, from its phenomenal tech-giant Sumsung to is towering capital, Soeul. South Korea, one of the Asian Tigers has witnessed unprecedented economic growth over the years. It is therefore not surprising that, Pyeongchang, the wander city that hosted the 2018 winter Olympics is amongst the best places to travel in the world. The city which has a name like that of the capital of neighbouring North Korea, plays host to numerous impressive Buddhist temples including the Woiljeongsa temple.

This amazing city is also host to the Odaeson National park that attracts tourists all-round the year. The Alpensia ski resort is in this part of South Korea. It has six slopes for skiing and snowboarding that will make tourists interested in skiing or snowboarding want to visit this wander city for the second time. It hosted the majority of 2018 Olympics snow events. The largest highland farm in Asia, Samyang Ranch which operates as a petting zoo is in Pyeonchang. Landmark festivals such as the Hyoseok cultural festival or Daegwallyeong festival which feature skiing competition and local Korean games are just one of the features of this phenomenal city. The city is well connected to other parts of South Korea by air and by land.

Began, Myanmar: Began is a city with distinctive cultural significance in Asia, arguably amongst one of the best places to visit around the world. This Buddhist city is host to the highest number of Buddhist temples which stands at around 2000. The buddhist temples standing side by side each makes it look like a cultural representation of the whole of Asia. These temples are currently restored to UN standards. Outstanding amongst these temples is the three storey Thitsawadi temple with beautiful stuccos and an interesting mural painting, that replicates Began architecture.

Coupled to the above the Myanmar’s archaeological museum also rest in the wonderful Buddhist city of Began. That is not all, Began is equally the home to the highly revered Mount Papa. Flying balloons are always ready to take you around this city so that you can see the graceful temples that are scattered all over the place from above . More over, the city has a good transport network. So, you can conveniently get in and out of the city by land, air or water very. With the amusing lodging facilities this very city offers, anybody visiting will only want to stay longer. All these outstanding features of Began, makes it an unavoidable place to visit round the world

Cape Town, South Africa: South Africa is the melting pot of culture in Africa, From its Iconic cities like Johannesburg Pretoria or Durban to its outstanding beaches and rich wild life conservation history, the country of late Nelson Mandela magnets tourists from all over the globe. Cape Town is one of the most iconic cities and one of best travel destinations in Africa. The city that lays majestically beneath the mountain is the most cosmopolitan city in the southern region. From its marvellous beaches, to its advanced and most sophisticated transport network, to its cultural appeal, visitors can’t help but prolong their stay in this iconic city. Cape Town is the replica of the French Dutch and English cultures.

The city is also reputable for wine making, coupled with world rated restaurants. It inhabits incredible landmarks such as the colourful homes in the B-Kaap neighbourhood and the Roben Island, where political prisoners such as the late Nelson Mandela were once held during the white minority rule in South Africa. Famous amongst the natural attractions is the Table Mountain from where you can see practically all the features that makes up Cape Town. Also, you have the Muizenberg beach, Castle of Good Hope, Cape Point, Clifton Beach or the Victoria and the Alfred Waterfront. The Boulders Beach Penguin colony is one of the most outstanding beaches in Cape Town where humans swim with Penguins as companions. There are about 2000 penguins that have taken refuge in this wander beach. The city of Cape Town has won the Telegraph reader’s survey award three times in a row as the best city in the world to visit. It’s rare qualities make it one of the cool places to visit around the world.

Pyramids of Gaza, Egypt: The capital of Egypt, Cairo is the most populated and the busiest in the Middle East and is inferior only to Lagos when it comes to population as far as continental Africa is concerned. From its status as the birth place of civilisation in Africa, to numerous tourist attractions and the Iconic river Nile, Egypt is just a hub of tourism and one of the best travel destinations in Africa and the world. Consider a trip to Egypt unsuccessful unless you catch a glimpse of what the Pyramids of Gaza look like. The Pyramids of Gaza are amongst the surviving wanders of ancient World. These structures are ranked amongst the enduring man made structures in the modern world and are a tribute to the power and ambition of Egypt’s rulers, the Pharaohs. The Pyramid of Khufu otherwise Known as the Great Pyramid is the most famous of all. It is one of the well-known monuments in the world and said to have been built by the Pharaoh Khufu. The Pyramid of Chephren is also amongst the iconic structures in this site. Also in this home of pyramids is Sphinx, a simple, fine and majestic structure shaped like a lion, impressively seating northwest of the Great Pyramid as if to say it is guarding all the pyramids from invaders. Visitors can take a camel ride to pass through the gigantic pyramids in amusement. Indeed, Egypt is one of the best places to go on vacation.

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. When you think of East Africa, Kenya comesto your mind. One of the fastest growing economies in the Africa has distinguished herself amongst the best travel destinations in Africa and the world. A chunk of Kenya’s GDP comes from tourism earnings. It is therefore not surprising that the Maasai reserve is amongst the cool places to visit in the world given its rich wildlife arsenal.

The reserve is said to accommodate some 95 species of mammals, amphibians and reptiles and 400 plus species of birds. This reserve contains all the big five, that is, the buffalo, elephant leopard lion and rhino which are rare to find in a single reserve. Visiting this reserve between July and October during the migration of animals is a mouth-watering experience you won’t like to miss. Activities that characterise one’s visit in this reserve ranges from game viewing, camping, night games, ballooning, bush dinner or visit to the Maasai cultural villages.

Djenne, Mali. You can call Mali a poor, politically unstable country, but you can not take away her beautiful and historically significance, Djenne. You cannot resist the natural beauty of the city that dates as far back as 800 AD. You will be confused which place to visit in Mali on a tourism trip. The old slave hub and the desert town of Timbuktu is standing tall and inviting. Djenne is there with its cultural and natural attractions, I bet you will be caught in the cross road of where to visit first. Djenne Is one of the oldest cities in Sub-Saharan Africa that lies in an island in the River Niger delta.

This city served as the centre for traders who transported their goods from the Sahara Desert and the forests of Guinea. This city has also gained the reputation of the centre of Islamic studies over the years and the Grand Mosque still epitomizes it’s market square. The Djenne market is one of the most interesting, markets in the African continent. This town is famous for its outstanding adobe architecture, epitomized in the Great Mosque which dates as far back as 1907. Djenne holds the statue of the World Heritage. Without doubt, Djenne Is one of best places to travel in the world.

Vellata, Malta: Vellata has been awarded several nicknames such as, the city built by gentlemen for gentlemen, the modern city built by the Knight of St John, the Masterpiece of Baroque, the European art city etc. This administrative capital city of Malta is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and is architecturally distinguished, with its street full of splendour. Little wander Vellata was designated as the 2018 cultural centre of Europe. Given its present statue, Vellata is a hub of cultural events in Europe. The 700 year old city has traces of British, Spanish, French and Roman cultures, that reflect in its architecture because of the historical influence of these great powers.

The city has outstanding and fascinating sites like Fort St.Elmo, the upper Barracca Gardens or the Hastlings Gardens, National museum of Archaeology, the Grand Harbor that any tourists will obviously be seduced by these sites no matter the resistance. What has also seduced many to visit this city is the St.John’s Co-Cathedral and Museum, the sumptuously decorated church is a home to the world’s famous artist masterpiece by Caravaggio and Mattia Preti. Due to its Mediterranean location, the city of vellata has at least 300 days of sun shine a year which is as an added point for this city.

The grid of narrow street is a replica of some of Europe’s adorable and finest works of art and barogue architecture. Vellata is said to be most concentrated historic area, with more than 320 monuments in just 55 hectares. This city equally prides itself as one of the UNESCO world Heritage Sites. Not awarding the towering city of Vellata one of the best places to travel in the world will be an injustice.

Harmburg, Germany: Hamburg is one of the best travel destination in Europe. This city prides itself as the largest port city as well as the Second largest town in Germany after Barlin. The city boasts of distinguished and impressive architectural sites such as the Town Hall. The one-time leading centre of Hanseatic league has the largest warehouse edifice in the world in the name of the Speicherstadt ware house built with dark red bricks. The Alster lake with beautiful cafes around it adds more splendour to the port city.

There are equally outstanding structures in the city of Hamburg such as the Kunsthalle Museum, which is one of the best in Germany. This museum contains a collection of historically significant artefacts that seduce every visitor. Also, the modern cultural complex with a concert hall tells of Hamburg’s cultural appeal. The port of Hamburg, the gateway to Germany is one of the best tourist destinations in summer. In fact, Harmburg is a blend of 19th and the 21st century cities as the characteristics of these two centuries are visible in its buildings. Harmburg is indeed one of the cool places to visit in the world.

Seville, Spain: When it comes to places to go on vacation in Spain, Barcelona always features. It may surprise you then why Seville is being mentioned here instead of Barcelona. Well the answer is simple, Seville has got something special to offer, coupled with the fact that Barcelona has political issues that has dealt a big blow to the tourism sector. From its Laliga team Sevilla to its historical beauty, the city is just a replica of boundless beauty. Ancient Monuments such as the Sevilla Cathedral, Real Alcazar and landmarks such as the Metropol Parasolis are just a tip of the iceberg of what this wander city has to offer. The oldest bar in Spain and one of the oldest in Europe, El Rinconcillo, founded in 1670 is found in Sevilla.

You also have Seville Cathedral. The Seville cathedral is the third largest in the world and is a UNESCO Heritage Site. The tomb of one of the world’s well-known sailors, Christopher Columbus is in the Sevilla Cathedral. This city is also a hub of modern restaurants that offer international menu you can ever think of. The monuments that characterise Seville, its tradition, culture and artistic heritage have peaked the fame of Seville around the world. All these qualities suggest that Seville is one of the cool places to visit in the world

Guanajuato, Mexico. Mexico is one of the best places to go on vacation in the world, with its beautiful coastal areas, amongst which is the famous Los Cabos, that is so unique. Guanajuato has distinguished itself as a place to go on vacation as far as Mexico is concerned. The fame of this city has grown to unprecedented height as it is a home to one of the most internationally appealing festival, the Festival Internacional Cervantino which appeals to tourist all round the world. In Guanajuato’s main square stands the Jardin de la Union with it fountains and flower beds surrounded by numerous hotels. San Miguel De Allende, still in this city has a rich history of arts. Lovers of arts cannot resist the arts abundance of this city. The city also has numerous underground roads that decongest the main streets around the city. This city’s outstanding features were recognised by UNESCO and thus Guanajuato was designated a World Heritage Site. To crown it all Guanajuato is simply one of the best places to visit around the world.

Wisconsin, USA: It would have been surprising or better still embarrassing if we end the countdown of the best places to travel in the world without any US city. Being one of the most northerly US cities, Wisconsin borders Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, and the Mississippi River. Wisconsin is one of the best if not the best city when it comes to outdoor recreation, especially at the Midwest end of this city. If you are a good adventurer you can test your abilities in Wisconsin. Wisconsin has an outstandingly beautiful and diverse environment, characterised by rugged hills, bluffs forests, gorges, valleys, miles of both sandy and rocky beaches. There are about 66 state parks covering a total land surface of about 60,570 acres in Wisconsin. One of its Towns, Oshkosh is home to the world’s largest air show held in summer annually since 1970. You may also want to visit Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, a building completed in 1917. This building is an epitome of outstanding architectural design. The Circus World Museum is in this city, which is an attraction for kids of all ages. Still amongst the wonders of this city is the Dells of the Wisconsin River. This river has many cliffs, canyons, and sandstones rock formations, which are very outstanding. In fact, the beauty of Wisconsin is beyond human description, placing it amongst the cool places to visit around the world.

Haidi Gwaii, Canada.

Canada, the country of Justin Bieber and Drake is one of the best travel destinations in the world. The city of Haidi Gawii is like a cousin to Wisconsin. This city is located off the west coast of British Columbia. Haidi Gawii is a hub for hikers, best destination for nature and arts lovers. Each month comes with an event that attracts tourist all over the world to Haidi Gwaii , From the All Island Show that was celebrated march 31stthis year to the to the Annual Surfing Expression Session that will be coming up in November 2018, this city has got more than enough to offer.

Another unique attraction in Haidi Gwaii is the Gwaii Haanas national park. SGang Gwaay, located in the southern part of Haidi Gwaii is a UNESCO heritage which anyone will obviously yearn to visit. The Island of Beauty, as this writer prefers to call Haidi Gwaii should certainly included in your list of amusing places to go on vacation.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The phenomenal city of Rio has left a permanent mark on the world stage after successfully hosting the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics games. If you were to limit your knowledge of Rio to this only, then you are still far from knowing Rio de Janeiro. The beauty of Rio’s beaches is beyond human description. More to this, the city is a cultural hub, with a melange of African and European cultures. Roi de Janeiro is the home to the world’s largest urban forest which contains glorious mountains and peaks. Overlooking the city is, Christ the Redeemer, one of the 7 wonders of the world. The legendary Maracana Stadium that is just like the Mecca of football is in this phenomenal city. Rio de Janeiro should certainly not miss in your list of places to travel in the world. It is simply one amongst the best places to travel in the world.

The world is too big to explore in one day and there are more than enough cool places to visit in the world. So you can be sure there are many more you may be interested in.